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Data Destruction Solutions provides Sarbanes-Oxyley, FACTA, HIPPA and GLB Certified Secure Data demolition Services to its clients.

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We are a division of Computer Warehouse Services, LLC a premiere IT solutions provider for Businesses.

Our Data destruction team brings professional solutions that play an imperative role in helping companies handle the process wisely, legally and effectively.

Our data destruction process complies with all relevant federal and state laws and regulations. Such a process cannot be attained by merely running some software, smashing the hard drives or by formatting them. Sometimes, even after subjecting hard drive to all these process, data stored on it can still be easily retrieved.

In order to acquire secure data disposal services, we take the following things aspects into consideration:

  • Degaussing is an important process that we undertake along with the hard drive shredding in order to ensure that data stored on it cannot be misused at any cost.
  • For digital tapes, hard drives and other media, we bring special security measures into use.
  • We understand that inability to completely destroy a data can cause threat to the reputation of our client’s business and can also give rise to legal and public repercussions. This is why we take stern measures to make sure that data on the storage media has been properly destroyed or not.

Ranging from data disposal to secure transfer logistics, all our services can be modified in order to suit one’s necessities. Our Data Destruction team is highly qualified, skilled and professional. They take constructive steps in order to provide the clients with the best possible solutions available.

Why choose Data Destruction Solutions? Our professionalism provides an edge to our services over the others as does our utmost professionalism, honesty and efficiency.

Why would you want something less, when you can have all these Data Destruction Solutions at highly competitive prices? All pricing includes an audit of hard drives destroyed and a certificate of compliance.

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  • Absolute Secure Hard Drive Shredding Services (including Audit & Certifications)
  • Absolute Secure Hard Drive Wiping Services (including Audit & Certifications)
  • Safeguards against Data Infringement
  • Falls in Line with all Federal and State Standards of Data Destruction Laws
  • Shields Data and Identity from being Stolen
  • Everlasting Secure Destruction of Data
  • Data Destruction Services are HIPAA-compliant
  • Completely-Audited Process of Tracking Complete Serial Numbers and Digital Images
  • Certificate of Compliance
  • General or Secure Collection, Pick-up and Shipping Services available

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